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Starmet Sp.J. is a recycling and trading company dealing in the processing, recovery, trade and recycling of scrap and plastics.

The company is located in the West Pomeranian Voivodeship in Stargard at 13 Główna Street on the area of 4 hectares. We have been operating in this place since 2000. Technical facilities and plant staff allow for quick and safe customer service.

The Starmet company operates around the globe and is one of the leading companies in this industry.

The history of the company dates back to 1994, when one of the partners opened a small purchase of non-ferrous metal scrap.

Tablica Starmet
Tablica Starmet

As time passed, the small company began to grow and needed more warehouse facilities. According to the rapid development of the two men decided to join forces and so in 2000 the company was founded Starmet S.C.

Tablica Starmet

All the time, the partners invested in the development of the plant. They were purchased newer machines for recycling and scrap handling. In 2002, the owners purchased a property in Stargard, on which they started building a scrap processing plant from scratch.

Tablica Starmet

In 2006, thanks to co-financing from the “Union for enterprising” program, the owners purchased a third line for the processing of cable and wire waste, which allowed to process about 3500 tons of cable waste per year, which was a great achievement for those times. Along with the processing of waste wires and cables, in addition to valuable copper and aluminum have been produced plastic waste.

It was then that the idea of using plastic waste as a raw material for production was born and in 2008 a branch was opened dealing with the production of road infrastructure and construction elements from this waste.

At present, Starmet is recognised as a group of companies and is a leader in the production of products from telpheric waste.

In 2019, Starmet received grant-aid from the “Intelligent Development Operational Program 2014-2020” for the construction of a cable and wire waste processing plant with a capability of 18,000 tons per year.

Continual investing in the company with more and more modern technology contributes to the development, increasing the potential ……. And we will not stop there.

Tablica Starmet

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